IMAA 2002 @ Castle Rock Airport    

IMAA R/C Festival at Castle Rock Airport
"Mark sees lots of planes he wished he was flying"

Mark went to the International Miniature Aircraft Association for a day of R/C fun and sun. He flew there with Dave Frey and Dave Frey's son, Dave (known as Little Dave).  Mark is a member of the Diamond Aviation Flying Club, where he rented a Piper Arrow IV for the day.

Mark took some video and some photos. The pictures where taken using the still picture mode of a Canon Digital Video Camera.  They are not particularly high resolution, nor it the contrast that good, but you'll get the idea.


Gizmo in Arrow IV

Dave Frey's Gizmo fits in the baggage compartment of the Piper Arrow IV that Mark Paley flew down to the IMAA festival at Castle Airport

Here's some video footage:

Title Description Format
Little Dave This is Little Dave Frey flying the Gizmo after hours Real Video
Rico Dalmau This is Rico flying his plane during the festival Windows Media
Planes This is a few of the planes that were flying during the day Real Video
Stunt Flying Some footage of a stunt flyer Windows Media