Pumpkin Hunting

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Grandma & Grandpa Woodruff came to visit and we decided to go pumpkin hunting. Hayden wore his orange pants so as not to scare the pumpkins.

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Hayden, Mommy, and Grandma.

Hayden and Grandma really like each other.

Click on this to see how drunk Hayden is.

Hey-- look at that last picture. What happened to the port-a-potty?*

Hayden is pretending to be a pumpkin.

He is hiding. He thinks he is a pumpkin. Can you see him?

Hayden has chosen this pumpkin for himself.

Mommy wore some orange camouflage, too.



and around.

Mamma's litte boy.

*The port-a-potty was removed using Microsoft's Digital Image Pro software. Cool, huh?