Hayden Ted Paley

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Hayden was born on April 30th, 2003 at 2:46pm in Bellevue, WA at Overlake Hospital.  He weighed in at 6lb 13oz and was 20in long. His first name honors Mark's grandfather Harry Wiener. Hayden actually has two middle names: his first middle name, Ted, honors Claire's brother. His second middle name, Gajary, is Claire's last name.  

If you want, you can view a Windows Media Photo video of Hayden and Family during the first 24 hours.  The video is voice annotated. You might need to upgrade your Windows Media player to watch this video, but you should do that anyways! 

Also, below are some pictures we took during the first 24 hours.  To look at a bigger version of the picture just click on one of the thumbnail pictures below. 

April 30th, 2003 2:46pm

Hayden just after delivery resting on Claire's chest.

Claire and Hayden

It's a wonderful day to be born.

Mark, Claire & Hayden

Hayden just learned how to cry -- he's really good at it now.

Grandma Nancy holds Hayden

Claire's mother Nancy was with us to share in this special day.

Claire's happy it's over

Claire is happy that she can hold Hayden outside of her body rather than inside of it.

Time to wonder

It's time to wonder just how lucky we are to have had such a healthy baby boy.

Hayden on the Murphy Table

This exam tables pops out of the wall so that Hayden can be examined

Hayden finds his fingers

The nurses tell us that finding your fingers is a good sign.

Claire calls family

Claire calls her close family to share the good news

Mark holds his son

Mark's a bit worse for the wear, but happy nonetheless.

Hayden is so small!

Mark is amazed by how tiny Hayden is.

Hayden gets the mail

Less than 24 hours after Hayden is born, we take him for a short walk up the street to get the mail.

Mom holds Hayden

Mom is now comfortably at home holding her son.

Isn't he the best?

Claire can't help but to continually kiss Hayden

Hayden visits in the back yard

Here's claire in our backyard holding Hayden just 24 hours after delivery.

Grandma takes Hayden gardening

Just checking!

Claire takes a moment to check in on little Hayden.

Mother, daughter, and son

Mark, Claire and Hayden

Proud parents in our front yard. Hayden must have brought the sun with him.

The family on day 1

Here we are, just 24 hours after Hayden is born.