"Special Ops" Hayden

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Grandma Woodruff sent Hayden a camouflage outfit, complete with camo booties. In Oklahoma, you can purchase such an outfit at "Chandra's Boutique," and have it wrapped with cute baby paper & fru-fru ribbon.

Click on any picture to see a larger image. Can you find Hayden in these pictures?

Hayden Behind Enemy Lines

Here he is blending into his surroundings.

Hayden Looking for a Landmine

He gently places his hand on the ground looking for explosives.

Jujitsu Practice

While he can't quite stand yet, he's perfectly capable of practicing Jujitsu while laying on his back.

Parachute Jump

Hayden sends the chopper on its way.

Be Afraid

Hayden's command of the martial arts while laying on his back strikes fear into all horizontal enemies.

The Inner Hayden

Um, where's that chopper? Mommy? Mommy!!

Martial Arts Hayden

The neighborhood cat lies unconscious just south of the picture.

Where is He?

Hint: he is near the tree.

Still Camoflaged

Look for Hayden's yellow hat to find him.

Master of Disguise

Hayden poses as a drunken, camoflaged bum.

Target Practice

While waiting for backup, Hayden practices his virtual archery.

Hayden after a Parachute Jump

He was able to take off his chute and lay on his back in no time.