Hayden Turns 1

Contrary to what it seems, Hayden was not born, like, a couple of months ago. He has turned the corner to boyhood and is one year old.

It's unbelievable. We're still kind of in shock, frankly. It doesn't matter if you're reading this a few years later. We still don't believe it.

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"If it's my birthday, why did they lock me in this cage?"

Bea, Kim, and Judy enjoy a discussion while Kate draws in the corner. Bea's little muffin has popped out now.

Susan watches as Arden and Kate draw. Hmmm-- where did Grace go?

Judy has a discussion with Patrick. Hayden is a bit involved in a new toy.

Harley inhales a cupcake.

Sister Arden says, "Whoa, Harley, that's kind of gross."

Harley says, "But I clean up so nice."

Maggie says, "Hey look! I clean up nice, too!"

Neighbor Natalie with her two kids Lily & Hayden.

"Mom, what IS this? And what is with that HAT?"

"I have no idea what is up with my parents today."

"O my gosh what is UP with them! Yeeesh!"

Natalie & Hayden.

"I have no idea what this stuff is. It is NOT mushy."

"Excuse me, but I thought I CLEARLY ordered mush."

Hayden & Lily with moms Claire & Colleen, and Lily's present to Hayden.

Hayden LOVES the quilt made for him by Cindy.

The back of the fabulous quilt.

"Mommy thinks I can't read this myself."

Hayden with neighbors Natalie, Gene, Sasha, and Lenny. "Look at all my cool new clothes!"