The Ole' Shimmy Sham

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Hayden is trying his darndest to crawl. Problem is, he can only go backwards. We took these pics on October 29, and no, they are not in the wrong order. 

Noticed that he started up by the stuffed animal. He was headed for the door, but he took an unexpected turn and got stuck at the box. This took him about 20 minutes, including his stops at various Interesting Objects along the way.

(Hayden was dressed up like a leopard for his Halloween baby group that day.)


Here goes.

Wait-- this thing is interesting.

On the move again.

Hi Mommy.


The unexpected change in direction.

In yoga this is called the downward dog.




Man, I'm pooped. Luckily, there's this cool thing right here.

What is THIS?

Hey, I'm stuck.

What's this THING behind me? What's this THING next to me?

I'd better touch it.

*sigh* I'm stuck.

Let's review.

He started here...

and ended up here.