Hayden's First Haircut

We took Hayden to a "kid barber" last weekend. Mommy wanted to just cut it off at home, but daddy really thought having a professional do it was the right course of action. So, we compromised and had a professional do it.

Hayden was successfully distracted most of the time, but there were some touch-and-go moments. See below. Note, even though the pictures below are small, if you click on them you'll get a bigger picture.


Hayden gets started

See his hair? It's really long

Easily distracted by toys

Bangs are gone

Mommy is not happy that he doesn't have "shaggy" bangs anymore

I HATE haircuts!

"Whew -- that wasn't soo bad..."

"I'm still a little dazed from the experience"

I like bread

Now that I've had my nice haircut, and a bit of lunch, I think I'll goof off at the play area. But, I might want to have some bread, so I'll keep it handy.

Look Ma, I still have my bread!

Never give up the bread!