Big Giant Cranes Slip Under a Big Giant Bridge
Paraphrased and Quoted from the San Francisco Chronicle
Four giant cranes bound for the Oakland crept beneath the Bay Bridge Wednesday morning with less than two feet to spare. If you are a Bay Area resident, you have seen this happen once before and will see it again, as the Port of Oakland continues to import the monster container movers from Asia. I myself find this incredibly cool, as it involves one giant object moving and successfully missing another giant object.

The cranes weathered a 23-day voyage from Shanghai and then waited like an eerie monster off the coast for the right timing. The lowest tide of the day is the best chance to slip the $5.5 million cranes beneath the bridge -- with 22 to 25 inches to spare.

Eastbound traffic on the lower deck was halted by the California Highway Patrol while the cranes passed below. The main reason for keeping traffic off the span isn't motorist safety. It's to make sure the weight of traffic on the suspension bridge doesn't flatten out the bridge. "We want to keep the bridge as high as possible," said Caltrans spokesman Colin Jones.

When it passed beneath the bridge, the freighter's deck was less than two feet above the water. If necessary the ship can take on seawater to lower itself an additional five feet so that its deck would actually sink below the water line.
Tight squeeze.