When Will She Ever Get to Sit Down?
Note: This page is hopelessly out-of-date. The chairs are done! Check back here in March to see photos, when the chairs come out of Seattle storage and we can take a picture of them!

Claire on the deck with the base of one of the chairs.
Claire Makes Some Chair Progress

Claire is building some Adirondack chairs out of redwood, and after a few weeks hiatus has nearly finished sanding the arms and back support for attachment. It's nearly summer in the Bay Area, which of course means that she has been challenged by some frigid temperatures. Soon, however, she will be cutting slats, slats, and more slats for the seat and sides. Here are some photos of her progress thus far.



Claire had to make a complex angle cut with the jigsaw. You can see
the result in the picture on the left.

Claire sawing one of the back supports. She is not about to cut off her fingers, but steadying the plate on the jigsaw. In the background is the giant piece of wood Claire & sister Jean mounted there in hopes that the owls living underneath would land on it. They don't.
Claire as bug.