Woman Jailed after Alligator Fiasco
Paraphrased from the AP, Tampa, Florida

To fully appreciate this, you need to picture it as if you were watching some dry comedy, or an Anne Tyler movie.

So this woman in Tampa hits an alligator with her car one Friday night. The next day, she decides she must go back and rescue it. She drives back, picks up the badly hurt 6-foot alligator, puts it into the back seat of her car, and takes it home.

Man, my parents told me never to approach even an injured dog.

After getting it home, she wetted it down with hose and then tried unsuccessfully to reach somebody with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Her neighbors then informed her it was illegal to have the animal (it's a felony in Florida, actually), so she loaded it in the car again and drove off in search of a pond to release it.

That's when things went from bad to worse. The alligator started to thrash its tail and the woman got distracted, veering off the road and hitting a mailbox. She's got an alligator in the back seat, so she tried to drive off. But now her car got stuck in a ditch.

This is when she lost her cool, decided to simply get out of her car, and walk away. Now, that's sneaky.

But she wasn't quite done-- when the police arrived at her home, the 49-year-old woman struggled with the officers. She said she "freaked out" at the prospect of going to jail. 

She was charged with: possession of an alligator, driving with a suspended license, walking away from the scene of an accident, and resisting arrest. She spent the night in jail.

The game commission finally removed the alligator from the car; it died later.