Claire & Mark Visit Tahoe

In May 2002 Claire & Mark went to Lake Tahoe to visit family friends Sue & Phil, with Claire's dad & step-mom. Here are some pics of our adventures. Click on a picture to see a larger image.

Always cover your ears on a chilly hike.

Claire & her dad, near Sue & Phil's house.

Markie & Claire.

Claire on the start of the Tahoe hike.

Tahoe is known for being very blue. It's also one of the deepest lakes in the United States.

Claire talking to her dad, excitedly. He looks pretty excited, too, actually.

This was someone's mansion/castle on an island in the lake. It belongs to the park service now.

There I am again.

Purty stream.

That's Sue leading, followed by step-mom Judi, Dad, Phil, & Claire.

Mark with a view.

Claire's dad.

Claire with step-mom Judi and friend Sue.

Friend Phil.

Friend Sue.

Dad as woodpecker.

Claire as beaver.

This is a little lake off the lake at the top of our hike.

Sue gesticulating. My guess would be about birds.

Claire's dad seriously resting.

Good friends Phil, Sue, dad, and Judi.

Claire in her favorite pose with Mark.