San Francisco Treasure Hunt:

This is a trés cool annual shin-dig wherein hundreds of San Franciscans run around the city trying to solve clues such as: "Where George and Betsy meet, there’s a man who’s going with the grain," all while crisscrossing the Chinese New Year's Parade.

(Answer: Where Washington and Ross meet at the south end of Ross Alley, one of four murals depicts a workman carrying a sack of rice ("going with the grain").
The last time Mark & Claire had the opportunity to participate was in the 2001 Treasure Hunt (alas, we moved to Redmond just before the 2002 comp.) At that time, supported by their team of Wombats, Claire had the opportunity to confront long-buried feelings of complete ignorance, while Mark basked in his engineering-ness by solving "you will see Potassium within" as Battery Street. A good time was had by all.