Claire and Hayden Visit Grandma

In May 2004, Claire & Hayden took a trip to Grandma's in Oklahoma. As per usual on vacation, Hayden acted like an angel for the relatives. We hiked, skipped stones, ate at a nice restaurant for very little money, heard some live country music, and found out that Dairy Queen there doesn't have chocolate ice cream. We also toured their choices of camo baby gear and picked out a nice hat and booties for some new parent friends.

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Hayden wears his Slub Glub bib.

Slub Glub is a character invented by Claire's friend Andrew, who writes a Mad-Mag-esque cartoon about him.

Mom in front of a nice tree on a hike we took.

Grandma bought a bunch of cool toys for Hayden, including a ball popper (right) and an inflatable ball bin (left).

They were a close second to Grandma's camo tarp, which makes a crinkly noise when you crawl on it.

This is a view that Mom found by accident one day while hiking, and she loves going up there.

Same view, showing the bends in the river.