Claire Visits Mom in Oklahoma

In October 2002, Claire visited her Mom in lovely Idabel, OK, where Mom does her doctoring. Idabel is in the SE corner of OK, near Texas and Arkansas, and Mom & Ted spend a lot of time hiking and kayaking there. Click on a picture for a larger view.

This is a lake near Mom's house on which we went kayaking. Mom did most of the paddling. Notice the nice fall colors.

The lake had a lot of old trees sticking up out of it. And there's the tip of Mom's kayak.

I liked this picture I took of the trees.

Lake trees.

Lake trees.

Closeup of lake trees.

This is where I tried to turn around and take a picture of Mom as she paddled.

These turn-around pictures generated screams from Mom of, "The boat is not true! It is not true!"

Here is Mom's fancy new SUV, in which she really does off-roading, and a kayak.

Mom's car again.



Claire & her Mom at the vista. They were very blurry after their long hike.

Claire at the vista.

Claire's Mom and stepfather Ted at the vista. We were all dressed to hunt pumpkins.