Adventures in Hiking

This story is an oldy but a goody, occurring sometime over a year ago in California:

Mark and Claire took a walk on Sunday that ended up something like this:

M: "I don't want to walk back down this hill just to walk back up ours. There must be a way across."

C: "I think we're on the wrong hill, though."

M: "Let's get off the road and follow this deer path. If the deer can go this way, we can."

C: "Yes, but I don't think there's a guarantee that the deer head for our house."

M: "That's true."

C: "And deer are a lot shorter than us."

M: "Let's go this way."

--10 muddy minutes later--

C: "All I said was, 'I want to go for a walk.'"

M: "I know."

C: "I see a parking structure."

M: "Do you think it's open on both sides?"

C: "O my god we're on our street."

M: "I'm a genius." **

C: "You're a genius."

** This last part is made up. Claire did call him a genius, but Mark did not volunteer that information about himself.