Here are some pictures of Claire & Mark, and our friends & family. There are some new ones now. Click on a small picture to see a larger image.

This is Mark & Claire on a Memorial Day hike in California 2002.

This is Claire's good friend Rich & girlfriend Karen. Rich used to have practically no hair at all. In a year or so he will be donating it to charity.

Claire & Rich. We were moving to Seattle the next day. Rich can get away with this expression because he is in a band.

Our good friends Yong Choong and Mark Shurtleff. Mark likes to be contemplative.

Mark with good friend Benjamin Aronson. Check out the "Sailing in SF Bay" video to see pictures of Ben's dad, Doron.

Good friend Benjamin with his mommy, good friend Gaelle.

Me on our CA balconey the night we left.

Mark saying goodbye to the balconey.

We had a couple of suitcases to move us up to Seattle. I felt a bit better soon thereafter.

Claire's good friend Anju being sassy. You can see more of Anju in the wedding pictures.

Good friends Larry & Jenny, from Dallas.

There we are saying hello and goodbye to some friends in Dallas. That's Rich & Fran, me & Mark, Vanessa and mommy Liane.

Good friends Simon & Susan (that's their son, too).

Good friend Tim, also from Dallas. It was a Dallas day.

It says, "MP + CG." Boy. I guess I was kind of cold.

Claire kisses Mark.

Claire kisses Mark.

Claire & Mark in front of Half Dome. We took the other half home in our pocket. This was some time in 2001.

Claire & Mark look cool. Boy, that must have been a while ago...

Mark thinks he looks evil in this picture. We are in Napa sometime in 2000 or so. Our friend M. Shurtleff, above, took this picture.

This is hero Mark lifting the then skinny Claire somewhere in the CA redwoods.

Wow! Mark pre-goatie. This was like, 1998 or 9, in Dallas.

Check it out! This is Claire in Bolivia at age 16.

Claire with sisters Zia & Jean, and brother-in-law Bob. This was Zia & Bob's wedding day.

Claire & sister Zia at Zia's wedding.

Our niece & nephew playing in their own jazz band. These are Bob & Zia's kids, Jake & Zoe.

Jake & Zoe conspiring.

Zoe looking very cool.

Our neice Cara. She older now but still a knockout.

Jacob & Zoe when they were 2ish.

Our nephews Ryan & Justin a few years ago.

Our niece Te'a in a school pagent, I think.

Te'a with a friend.

Te'a working hard on a project.

Claire's brother Teddy with son Alex when Alex was just a little tyke.

Claire's brother-in-law Bob with Baby Zoe. That was SO long ago...

Claire's sister Zia with baby Zoe. I think she is contemplating her future nose.