Anju's Wedding in Dallas

In May 2004 we went to Dallas to attend Claire's friend Anju's wedding. It was a brew-ha-ha, and our first experience with an Indian wedding. Much more clapping than at a western wedding, we found.

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First, we visited lots of friends. Here, we introduce Hayden to friends Bob & Maya.

Now, we introduce Hayden to Andrew Silver. Not Andrew Gold, whom Claire called once by accident, thinking she was calling Andrew Silver. Nevermind. It's a long story. Even when she was talking to Andrew Silver & Andrew Gold, Claire thought she was talking to a guy named Harley.

This is our friend Andre with his dog, Ginger.

He seems to be in love with Ginger. He holds Ginger like a large child, but was afraid to pick up Hayden.

Hey, Andre, what are you doing to your dog?

Andre begs forgiveness from wife Sylvia for having an affair with the dog.

Clearly, Andre better get used to holding a child soon.

Hayden prepares to sully Andre & Sylvia's nice tablecloth.

Possessed by the devil, he prepares to sully.

Ah. That tablecloth was way too white before.

Hayden loved all the staircases on this vacation. He is a champion staircase climber.

After meeting with many friends, we got hit by a car in a parking lot. Here is our car smashed in, and the guy who did the smashing.

Bride Anju has just had the Mehndi completed on her hands and feet. It took 2.5 hours.

Anju stayed in that spot on the couch for about 5 hours so it would dry properly.

Claire got some henna done also. She did her feet herself.

Here is Claire in the lovely outfit loaned to her by cool-o friend Donna. Claire swears that she was not on drugs at this wedding.

Here is a close-up of the mehndi on Claire's hands. Also, the one and only time you'll probably ever see Claire with fake nails.

Claire and beautiful bride Anju.

Anju and three good friends show off their mehndi.

The gorgeous bride & groom take their first dance.

The old married couple.