Claire & Mark Go to the East Coast for Christmas

Here are some pictures of Christmas in Jersey, Philadelphia, and Easton, PA, where we went in December to visit Claire's family. Click on a picture for a larger image.

These first 4 were taken by our nephew Luke, who has a pretty good eye with the camera. This is Luke's brother, Nathan.

Here's Nathan again. Nathan is 1 years old and Luke is 15 1/2; there is a picture of Luke down below.

This is Luke's cousin, our niece Zoe.

Zoe again, with our niece Tea, her cousin. I am cheating, because Luke really took all these pictures earlier in the fall, not at Christmastime.

This is Jacob & Zoe, our nephew & niece, helping to make cookies. We are now at Zia's house in Philadelphia.

Jake & Zoe again being Extremely Helpful.

I swear Jean & I routinely got this look from our sister Zia (Zoe's mom) in our youth.

Sister Jean with our nephew Jake. That is Jean's birthday cake-- her birthday is on the 23rd.

Claire torturing niece Zoe. Zoe has a lucky head of hair.

Zoe & mommy Zia inspect the birthday cake.

Jean's friends whipped up this cake for her, which features her truck hitting the open road, which she did for vacation soon after the holidays.

Zoe adjusts to Tasha the dog. Zoe was not at first sure if she liked dogs.

During our adventurous hike Zoe & Jake had to contend with a Very Big Log. Also in the picture are their dad & mom, Bob & Zia, and yours truly.

Zia, Jacob, Bob, & Claire

This is finally Christmas Day at Claire's dad's house in New Jersey. That's niece Tea on the left with Zia and Zia's twins Jake & Zoe.

Tea with her dad, my step-brother Eric, on the couch, with our brother-in-law, Bob.

Eric & our nephew Nathan. We saw Nathan earlier.

Nathan is easy because he doesn't really know what a camera is yet.

Claire & Nathan. He's popular, that kid.

Claire's sister Jean with girlfriend Martha and Jake & Zoe. Ain't they cute?

Every year brother-in-law Bob brings this instrument to accompany us on our Christmas carols. I'm sorry, Bob, what's it called again?

Martha & Zoe, in her new outfit I gave her (to Zoe, not Martha, that is).

Claire & Mark in front of dad's house.

Claire & her dad.

Claire's dad with Markie.

This is Claire's nephew Luke. Luke is the artiste photographer that took some of the pictures above.

Our nephew Mark, Luke's brother. We are now visiting Claire's brother in Easton, PA.

Our niece Cara, Luke & Mark's sister. Cara does not like to be photographed, but luckily, she looks good even from the back.

Here is nephew Nathan wearing the sweater I knitted for him for Christmas. Thank goodness it fit.

Our nephew, Alex. Alex very much wanted this picture taken with his new remote-control car.

Our nephew Joshua. If you are getting the feeling there are a lot of them over there at my brother's house, you are correct.

Cara, oddly, had no problem with me catching her eating.

Nephew Mark tries flying his paper-towel tube flying device.

The device flying, successfully.

A good picture of Alex. Alex is 5.

Mark torturing his brother Nathan.