Chanukah 2002

Mark & Claire traveled to Columbus this Chanukah to spend it with Mark's family. This is us at Mark's sister Robin's house, having a gift orgy.

Our nephew Brian got a leatherman.

Nephew Justin.

Justin trying on the necklace Mark's dad sent up from Florida.

Justin opening something large. I think it's a scooter.

Our neice Ali got a skateboard. Man.

Justin again.

Justin hugging Mark's mom.

Robin's mother-in-law, Nancy.

Nancy again, getting her favorite perfume.

Mark's sister Robin (Mom to Justin & Ryan).

Mark's brother-in-law Norm celebrates his new Palm, while sister Eileen in entertained.

Eileen & Norm evaluate Eileen's new sweater.

Our neice Keri getting some cool earrings.

Sisters Ali & Keri.

Sister Robin got some cool earrings, too, I think.

Sister Eileen getting a necklace she liked. It's like it's hypnotizing her.

Mom Janice.

Keri liking her new camera.

Good friend Vance sniffing the candles from Mark's sister Eileen.

Other good friend Mark checking out the candles he and Vance got.

Mark evaluates the owl candle.

Robin liking a sweater.

Justin & Ryan got matching UCal sweatshirts.

Justin & Ryan again with their sweatshirts.

Everyone got bowling balls. Norm is feeling very proud.

Nephew Ryan got a bike. Now, that's cool.