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Well, our lives have been changing in the last year, and for you diehard fans, this is the place to get updates. Click on the links on the left for details.

Our Life:

Since December 2002, we live in Redmond, WA, whose motto is "Bicycle Capital of the Northwest." I thought Portland was that capital, but I ride corrected. Redmond is just east of Seattle, across the Lake Washington in the 'burbs. It features multitudes of evergreens, views of the mountains, and ample rainfall in the winter. At the end of February we purchased a lovely house. At the end of April we had a lovely baby.

On the Street Where We Live:

This is our street. The neighbors come by and bring us plates of smoked salmon. They invite Claire to play Bunko and Mark to play Poker. They even have a baby-sitting cooperative, where people in the neighborhood take care of each other's children when necessary. It's idyllic, really.


Yes, indeed. About two years. Wanna see pictures?


We have one child, our son Hayden. He was born on April 30th, 2003 at 2:46pm. Click on his name to revel in his cuteness. Click here to see other pictures of ourselves and our friends and families, and here to visit the Gajary site developed by Claire's nephew, Luke.


This is where we would place whimsical stories of our furry family members, had we any. Mark points out that we may find some if we looked under the couch or the refrigerator. Check back here to see if Claire has convinced Mark to get a big, fuzzy cat.


Mark is our big breadwinner these days, while Claire spoils the child. Mark is an Engineering Lead at Microsoft (hence the move), managing a team that is helping to make computers more trustworthy. Claire has recently acquired a new son, whom she manages all day long.

If you want to contact us, please give us a try at, or